Sunday, February 25, 2007


Today's post is my (late) entry for the Blue Sky Challenge...dragons! Dragons and samurai...two topics I'll never get tired of. Come to think of it, I haven't yet combined the two into one piece. (sigh) Add another one to the ever growing list of ideas in the back of my head. Anywho, here they are!

The first one is more my style, done in marker, to pass the time while I was flying home last Christmas. The second is a collaborative piece I'm doing with my friend Joni Stringfield (check out her blog and site on my links list). I did the drawing now she'll add her characters and paint the piece; can't wait to see the result! (no pressure Joni!)

I do have a few more dragons than this, but I'm not too sure if they're of my highest standard yet, and when it comes to depicting the dragon, I really do want to give a really high level of quality. Yes, another entry to the list of things to draw!


Tony M said...


RoB said...

Hey Dude!~
Awesome dragon sketches! The second one has so much personality and cool design. Great sketches on post below. Awesome work!


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