Monday, February 19, 2007


Ooooh, and you thought you had problems when you got sent to the principal's office!! This piece was an exploration in depicting power and submission. The damiyo I created to be a very large person with superhero type portions. His kabuto (helmet) and horo (cape) makes his presence only greater. I used red (a color of power) for his armor, and blue (a color for peace and submission) for his underling's armor. His face is darkened, but you know it's probably not very pretty! His silhouette cast shadow is the device that makes or breaks this piece. Hope you like it; let me know if you think it works! Also, I hope I kept the final a lot closer to the original thumbnail (for once!!).

By the way, the kuwagata (horns) on the damiyo's helmet is no exaggeration; Japanese armorers had absolutely no concept of restraint. One can only imagine what would happen when this guy walked through a door while wearing this helmet.

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