Thursday, February 1, 2007

Charge of the 300

Here are two pieces I did based on the book 'Gates of Fire' by Steve Pressfield. It's a historical fiction novel based on the three day stand of 300 Spartans against half a million Persians in 480 BC. Yes, there's also Frank Miller's 300, which is coming out on film in about 2 months. I'm glad I did these before the movie gets released.

I'm sure that most of the public's going to love the movie and Mr. Miller's masterpiece, but I hope some people reading this will decided to try to pick up this novel too. It's a great read in its own right, detailing many more characters besides King Leonidas, including the Spartan Peer Dienekes, Polynikes (lit. 'many victories), a Spartan who lives up to his namesake, Xeones, a Spartan slave and narrator of the book, and many more besides. The novel also gives the reader a better idea of who the Persians are. But enough of that. Stop reading this blog and go to the bookstore and pick it up! Thank me later!!!

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