Monday, April 12, 2010

Portraits Part 2: Maya

Here's another painting of Maya. We loved her hair so much while doing the last painting, but we wanted her to wear it down the second time. Maya was more than happy to grant our request. Hopefully, this painting captures at least a small part of her beauty.

Maya with Hair Down, 16"x20"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ArtOrder Mutation Nation

Phew!! I wasn't sure if I'd get this done! This is the proper submission to ArtOrder. I was inspired by an old Discovery Channel show called Air Jaws. I thought 'how much fun would a flying Great White Shark be?!!' So here he is in all his glory.

He's snacking on a griffin style pigeon/rat hybrid (a rat with wings...get it?!!!)

Now vacation is officially started. Boston, here I come!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


This WAS an entry for the Mutation Nation Challenge over at ArtOrder. There's a bit of lion, lionfish, hatchetfish, viperfish, anglerfish and fangtooth fish. I found out later I could only use two animals to create the little critter, thus disqualifying my new creation. Grrr........

While working on this piece, I stumbled on a fantastic blog for those of you who love animals and creating monsters, like I do. It's the Ugly Overload blog, which gives ugly animals 'their day in the sun'. It's very informative and a lot of fun to read. Yes, kids, science IS fun! The link is at the right side of this blog page. Also, I broke out my DVD of the Blue Planet series from Discovery. I finally justified the $80 or so I spent on it. Hahahaha!!!

Did I mention there's a bit of fish in this creature?
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