Thursday, December 11, 2008

Website Updated!!!!! (and Giant Dinocidal Apex Predator Therapods)

My website is updated. Check it out.

Let me know if you like it (enthusiastically). Let me know if you don't (tactfully). Let me know about all the broken links you find (expeditiously). Much obliged (honestly).

Oh, and here's a Tyrannosaurus sketch. The dead dino on the wrong end of the prey-predator relationship is the Edmontosaurus (guess where in Canada this guy was found). Final to come.


Charles Santoso said...

Heya Piya,
I like the new website! A lot of great works in there.. just a suggestion.. when I clicked the illustration or sketch area.. I think it'll be great to have an 'opening image' there.. instead of a blank canvas.. :-) just my personal opinion though..

Apart from that.. nice! :-D

All the best, man!


Armand Serrano said...

Definitely a fun passion, Piya. Dinosaurs and dragons are facinations of mine as well. Anyway, great stuff here on the blog and good looking site. Keep it up.

Ed Davenport said...

Aww, poor Canadian dinosaur.
It's looking very cool! Can't wait to see that thing finished.

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