Monday, December 1, 2008

Saw Whet Owl

A big side dream of mine has always been to somehow contribute my art to the field of biology. Despite being an artist, science has always been a big love of mine. In fact, I used to be a biology major in college before switching to art. (I probably would've finished my Bachelor's in biology if organic chemistry didn't have its way with me. ) My hopes of becoming a scientist has long since been packed away, but my passion for nature has never really disappeared.

I've decided it's time to put my money where my mouth is and try more science based artwork. I was looking for an animal that I've never really done too much of and I happened to find a photo of a Northern Saw Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus). So I thought, ah, why not? So right here, ladies and gentlemen is my very first professional level biological illustration!

Aegolius acadicus is a small American owl (about 7 inches long with a wingspan around 18 inches), living throughout the US and Canada. It's a very plentiful species, occurring mostly in coniferous forests feeding on rodents and insects. Those living on the American West Coast are also known to feed on crustaceans. Its common name, the Saw Whet Owl comes from the sound of the animal's cry, said to resemble a saw being sharpened against a whetstone.


Megan Wolfe said...

Ooooo.. very cool! I like the shift in subject matter. Didn't know you were interested in scientific illustration also; I've been tempted to go that way myself. :)

Awesome painting and owl too, btw!

Ed Davenport said...

And here I was, thinking you didn't give a 'hoot'.

Piya said...

Wow Ed. Did you come up with that yourself?

David L O'Brien said...


Again, your drawings amaze me. So life like, and very detailed. Now the one with the owl and the mice... I can see the the mice giving the owl a right hook to it.

David O'Brien

jonisart said...

Your style is perfect for this kind of thing. Really beautiful, love the owl!

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