Monday, July 9, 2007

This is the Big One

So I've finished the 'Winter Dragon' painting today, and it's a milestone for me.

It's the first painting I've done where I could completely ditch the drawing. I know that might seem trivial, but I've been working to get to that point for the past THREE years. Now I can say it's really a painting, as opposed to a drawing that has been colored. I definitely have room to improve from here, but little celebrations here and there are nice whenever something new is achieved.

I hope you like it!

Edit 7/16/2007: I've renamed the piece 'Winter Bunny'. That wascally wabbit completely stole the spotlight on this piece!


samantha said...

I'm impressed,beautiful rendering I like the bunny

jonisart said...

This is really great Piya, I love the mood you gave it.

RoB said...

Piya, you are cranking out the hits bro! I love that bunny! ;)

Great dragon dude!


Piya said...

Hey guys. Thanks for the comments! I think I should rename the piece 'Winter Bunny'. :-)

Jason Embury said...

congrats man. I'm working towards that same goal myself here, and it's a real struggle. Looks great though!

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