Monday, July 23, 2007

I Want To Be Kei!!

Recently, I was looking up Imaginism Studios's blog recently and found this piece done by Kei Acedera:

So I decided to rip it off!! Hehe, I'm such a thief!

Okay, so it's not up to her quality, but hey, it's inspired from a pro, so it's got to be something!
This work is also part of my entry for the CG Challenge (the topic this time is 'Strange Behavior'). I was originally going to steer away from dragons this time, but after seeing Kei's work, I decided, ah, what the heck. So it's back to dragons.

Ha, yes, I know, I'm a geek.

So I've got a double negative working against me: geek and thief. :-) And believe it or not, I do have a good woman in my life...God bless you Marnie...

1 comment:

Charles Santoso said...

Hiya Piya,
Nice dragons!

hehehe.. yes, I'm officially a geek and a thief too :-P I'm living as a hermit these days.. so a geek hermit who loves to steal.. :-D

Well.. it's all part of learning process.

Good progress, man. Keep it up!


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