Thursday, April 26, 2007

From the Sketchbook

Below are some subway sketches I did on the way home from work. I am happy to announce I haven't been caught or confronted by any angry commuters since that last incident.

And here's some sketches from a day at Tibbetts Brook Park here in Yonkers, NY. I grew up going to summer camp here.

I figured it's a good place to draw children from life (probably the ultimate challenge in life drawing since you feel like you're trying to draw the wind). I think one woman caught on that I was drawing her baby niece, but she only smiled. I guess she was happy to see that someone was capturing this everyday but precious moment on paper and preserving it.

1 comment:

RoB said...

Really great subway sketches! The kids on the swing are AWESOME! Great life sketches!


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