Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Day off in....Forever!

Well, just finished my final final final FINAL class at the Academy yesterday. I graduated from the Academy a while ago, but came back to take this one particular class. It was definitely worth it, but I never realized how sick I was of academia!!

So today I was invited to come along with a friend to visit the Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio. For those who aren't aware, it's Industrial Light and Magic's home in San Francisco. What a place! It's truly inspiring to see the inside of a real entertainment studio. Tons of original old movie posters that were part of George Lucas's collection adorned the walls, props, vintage camera gear from the original production of movies such as Star Wars (of course), Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, etc. In fact, here's a pic of me with a familiar face.

Yes, I know how geeky! And just to ram the point home, here's my latest painting!

Those who know me will tell you that if I don't do a drawing or a painting of a dragon at least once a week, I'll probably fall over, turn blue, and go into a coma. Anyway, I was aiming with this painting to really get across to the viewer that the dragon was really trapped the army under it, so I made sure that the wings appear to surround them on both sides while the dragon rips them up with its fire breath.

This was from the book 'Here There Be Dragons' by James Owen. It's a fun read, and I really recommend it to you if you're into Harry Potter or Eregon. It's supposed to be a movie in a couple of years, so I'll probably continue to do work based on it and it'll be interesting to compare what I've envisioned and what the movie will be.

Finally just for the fun of it, I thought I'd post this little ditty I'm doing for my sensei.

The sensei wants his own personal mon (Japanese crest), one of a rampart grizzly bear. Yes, I know grizzly bears don't live in Japan, but in the illustration world, the client is God.

Well, I fly home to NY tomorrow for the holidays. It'll be nice to see snow and freeze half to death again as one should in December. Merry Christmas everyone!


James A. Owen said...

I think it'll be interesting, too.

Glad you liked the book. More are on the way.

Liked your painting above - looking forward to seeing more!

Merry Christmas!


A.Llupia said...

Hello Piya!i´ve been watchin´your web page and its great to see all your artworks!greetings and thanks for linkin my blog!

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