Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dragons of the Dragon Crate 2

Here's round two of Dragon Crate.

These dragons are more themed around 'wholesome' nature; woods, flowers and....lightning? Ah well, it sounded good on paper.
Fairy Dragons
The butterflies of the dragon world I guess. You can see in the sketch I originally had more gruesome ideas.

Forest Dragon
A draconic living tree. I know I know, it's been done, but it's cool!

Lightning Dragon
This one was redone about a hundred times. I'm proud of the horns of this dragon; they were inspired by a samurai kabuto maedate (helmet crest). I remember being a little irritated with my art director because of all the changes he was asking for. Looking back now, I'm really thankful he got on my case. It really helped me take this dragon from okay to probably my favorite of the bunch.

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