Friday, June 8, 2012

Curing Ezra

A few months ago, my friend Jennifer came to me with a request for a special painting. Her nephew, 3 year old Ezra Jordan Fineman is undergoing treatment for a condition known as Hyper IgM Syndrome.
He's at Sloan Kettering recovering from an umbilical blood stem cell transplant which will hopefully cure him. In the meantime, this brave little toddler has a long recovery ahead of him.

 Ezra's a fan of the book Puff the Magic Dragon, based on the song by Peter, Paul and Mary and illustrated by Eric Puybaret. Jennifer asked me to create a painting for her nephew based on this book. Here's my painting, with Ezra standing in for Jackie Paper.
Ezra is a big fan of dragons, basketball, music (I heard he's really good with a guitar!), space shuttles and lighthouses! His progress can be tracked here. He will continue to need blood transfusions over the coming months. Information on how to donate can be found here.

Good luck Ezra, and may the God watch over you.

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