Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I just got back from Thailand yesterday. It's a wonderful place, filled with hardworking people, good food, ridiculous heat and humidity and a long, proud culture and history. Most importantly for me, my extended family still lives there.

I got to see my grandmother for the first time in 20 years. She's barely able to walk now, but her spirit, happiness and Christian faith are still bright and undiminished. We had some time at the end of our visit to do a portrait session. Here's the drawing.

And here's grandma.

It's something else to draw a portrait of someone who is so important to you and a bedrock of your family. I can't really describe that feeling. After years of drawing and painting from professional models, it's something worth experiencing. Give it a try yourself, next time you're with family, or when you've got a moment with your spouse, parent, child, etc.


orizatriz said...

:) i feel the same Piya
nice work. i'm sure your Grandma was happy with your drawing:)

Mike Sekowski said...

Hey Piya,

I had to smile when I saw that portrait as its dead on! And I know what you mean, as there's so many aspects seen and unseen that one must focus on when drawing someone who has lived such a full life. There is an emotional quality to this image, showing wisdom and spirit that you can't get from drawing just any model, so with that you did a wonderful job! Cheers.

Piya said...

Thanks Anita and Mike. Obviously this post has a lot of meaning for me, so your comments and thoughts are really appreciated.

Julie said...

This is really sweet Piya. I love it.

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