Monday, May 17, 2010


I was fortunate enough to be able to head out to South Street Seaport this past weekend to visit the Bodies Exhibition, sketchbook in hand. I've been thinking about picking up an écorché, but given how expensive they are, I figured visiting Bodies would help me decide if I really needed/wanted one. So here are the sketches!

This hand was my favorite. I wanted to see how cartilage affected the back of the hand.

I was not as happy with this foot study. You can tell I struggled with the toes. Also, I was drawing with a lead hand.

Finally, a back study, because my understanding of the back muscles is woefully lacking.

A skull I drew at home to familiarize myself with conté pencils.

PS: Some of you would probably find the practice of drawing, or even being around, cadavers a disturbing process. Nothing I can say would assuage your feelings. I can say this: it is a place of learning, where a few select people have donated their bodies to the advancement of science, knowledge and ultimately, wisdom. These people deserve our highest respect and esteem.

Tragically, some of these exhibits came from unclaimed bodies. It's a sad state of affairs that people in this world really do die alone, unclaimed and forgotten. I pray that these lonely souls will find comfort in knowing that their earthly vessels now touch the lives and minds of the millions around the world who come to see them.


oriza,a nyul said...

wish i would drow as you do

Piya said...

Anita I love your work!! You have some great things going in your own art!

arcfestő said...


Christina said...
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Christina said...

I went to go see the Bodies exhibit when I lived in Florida. I loved it. I found the section on disease to be the most interesting (hopefully that does not make me sound morbid) hehe. It was just interesting for me see how disease looks in the human body...and reminded me of why it is important to live healthy.
I also loved the different poses the figures were in! The soccer player was probably my favorite.

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