Sunday, March 15, 2009

ArtOrder Garreth Sketch

This week's concept is to create our concept of the Garreth, described by Jon as:

"...a race of tiny humanoids that populate the desolate region around red dragon lairs. They live off the charred remains of unfortunate adventurers, stealing away with trinkets that are too small for the notice of the mighty red dragon..."

The first thing I thought of was a grubby, disgusting, backstabbing, mischievous, greedy little bastard of a critter. So here he is:

Four arms to help them grab more shiny stuff, which they decorate themselves with to show off to their brethren (although in reality, showing off too much just makes them prime targets to others of their kind). They arm themselves with little swords and knives (the pretty ones of course) the better to knock off another neighbor. A rat tail and ears to complete the vermin look. No hair or body fur though: too easy to ignite, which is bad when you're living off the scraps of a foul tempered red dragon. Hope you like it!

1 comment:

kranma said...

The face reminds me of the domino's guy. Anyways good use of contrast. Keep it up!

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