Monday, July 7, 2008

The Life of an Illustrator

Phew!! Man have I neglected this blog!

In all fairness, I'm readjusting to my new job as an illustrator at Amscan. I'm doing party decorations, mostly for Halloween. Sorry, can't show you any now.

In the meantime, here's a little cartoon I did for a Graphic Artists Guild Newsletter. The topic is what the life of an illustrator is. I've shown this to tons of friends also in the field, and they all say 'yep, that's my life too', so I'm really happy that so many have found this relatable. I'm not a cartoonist by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm glad with how this strip turned out. Enjoy!!


Megan Wolfe said...

Yeah.. even those of us in Fine Art can totally relate to that, lol.

Well paced strip, btw. Nicely delivered punchline.

StudioRisingStar said...

Man this is hillarious!
I so can relate! Great job Piya!
I'm glad to hear about your new job!


Charles Santoso said...

Congrats for the new job, man!

and great strip! :-) Yea.. I got that sometimes too. hehe

All the best!

jonisart said...

I had someone ask me once, Is that a real job? Like that last scene in the strip, your composition works perfectly to get the mood across

jonisart said...

I like the composition in the last scene, really brings home the feeling the poor guy is having!

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