Monday, March 5, 2007

Yet Another Dragon

So I spent the good part of today trying to figure out a new design for my business card. The trick is, when you're still a young artist without an identity, anything you come up with for a design can be good today, outdated tomorrow. Sure Frank Frazetta's the barbarian fantasy guy and Peter DeSeve is the NY Times Magazine cover guy and Adam Hughes is the comic book good girl guy, but who the hell is Piya????

So for now, I'm just sticking with a dragon. It's pretty much all I've drawn since oh, high school, so it's as much my identity as I'm going to get right now. Now I didn't want to go a do the biggest, scariest most badass monster I could make, but I just wanted something with sensible character design.

I noticed that the collaborative dragon design I came up with for Joni to paint was pretty well received, but I didn't want to go paint that if she's already doing it, so I just took it, made some changes to it, and here it is! Basically I just made the wings and antlers a bit bigger but it's pretty much the same thing. I usually don't like chubby dragons, but the very voluminousness (yes that's a word) gives the creature such character. The face I made slightly pig like because 2007 is the Chinese year of the pig. It has the body of a European type wyrm, but the face of an Asian dragon because I find they're more expressive. Finally, I gave it classic dragon colors. Hope you like it!


jonisart said...

Piya, I REALLY like this dragon! I still couldn't open your business card, can you put them on your blog maybe? I like him green, though.

Grant Alexander said...

Hey Piya! How are you? You're a lucky man to be surrounded by all that awesome illustration history.

Min and I were just talking about you at wondercon this past weekend. Only good things I assure you. Hehehe.

RoB said...

Yo Piya!~
Cool dragon dude! Great arcs and curves through out the body, so appealing! Wondercon was cool dude, i was able to go, can tell you more later. Awesome work bro!


akt said...

These are cute!

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